The Solution for Millennial Entrepreneurs: Your Own Business Peer Group

Zachary M. Cochran
3 min readJan 24, 2020
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Hey! You had good reason to start your business. You just didn’t expect it to be this hard.

And even if you’re enjoying it most of the time, deep down you know that you can do better. Probably a lot better.

You’ve read a bunch of books, you’ve sought out mentors, and maybe you’ve even completed online courses. You’ve done the networking, you’ve honed your sales skills, and you’ve seen your revenue rise. You know you’re not done learning, not by a long shot. And though you know there aren’t any silver bullets, you wonder if there is still something else that you haven’t tried yet, which could make a meaningful difference.

What’s more, you understand that:

1. You have blind spots. If someone could point them out, you know you could get out of your own way and make more headway in your business.

2. You don’t need any more advice — unless it’s the right advice. What you need is to get clarity about which is the right advice to apply to your current situation.

3. You need a support team that’s as smart and hard-working as you are. It’d be fantastic to have a trusted group of people who are going to “get it” when you bring up your business challenges. People to talk strategy with, who you can level with, because they’re working through many of the same issues you are. They’re not going to bring their own needs into the conversation (like your family does). And when you share your numbers, they will encourage you (not beat you up, like you do to yourself when they’re not where you want them to be).

Is this resonating? If so, you might be looking for an entrepreneur peer group. A group of others near your age who are all business owners — and learners — like yourself. With a group like this, you can access their collective wisdom to grow your business. No, this won’t replace what you’re already doing to learn and grow. But it will tie everything together. It will be the catalyst you need to get you to the next level. When you’re in the hot seat, where they ask you the tough questions, then share their insights with you, you will understand what your business needs to thrive. And you’re going to help them too, because they’re in the same trenches you are. Crucibles like this forge strategic partnerships and lifelong friendships.

Want a group like this? As it happens, we’re actively recruiting members for a new online peer group for Millennial entrepreneurs, launching May 2020. As Founder & Coach at Cochran Coaching LLC, I am pleased to announce my partnership with Clark Leadership Group to start the first online peer group for Millennial small business owners in the mid-Atlantic region. Our focus for this inaugural group is Millennial entrepreneurs from New York City through the Baltimore/Washington corridor down to Raleigh, NC. (If you’re a small business owner who lives elsewhere in the U.S. or you’re not a Millennial, you may still join.) Our format for this industry-exclusive, video-based peer group of eight to 10 entrepreneurs is to meet online for 90-minute sessions, 2x a month with a structured agenda. We will follow the Fierce Conversations model of issue processing to help you process through the issues you’re facing right now in your business, so that you can grow faster, better. And hey, you can charge this professional development expense to your business. As you learn and grow, this group will pay for itself many times over.

The bottom line? It’s about involving yourself in a learning cohort with peers who can challenge, encourage, and enlighten you. Having the accountability and the consistency (both in meeting schedule and with the same people) is something many of us need and can’t find anywhere else than in a group like this.

What are you waiting for? It’s already costing you too much not to do this.


To indicate interest, email Zachary for a link to our peer group application.

For more details from the facilitator, email Zachary at For a quicker response, shoot him a text at 917–736–3936.



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