Zachary M. Cochran
2 min readMay 23, 2018


The Womb of Eternity

Here we live

Awake, aware, alive

Little do we know

That this is just the seed

The flower is yet to come

We are the germ

The start

We are not what we will be

What will we be?

Few claim to know

But what we are now

Is not our destiny

We are destined

For one body or another

We are to be raised

In righteousness or in judgment

The seed we are now

Is oft too hard to tell

What we will be

Is not yet known

What shall we do

Fair brothers and sisters

The race of Adam

In the womb of eternity?

Shall we come forth

Into the light, into joy

Or out into the night

The blackest darkness?

The joy is there

For the taking

But you must grab hold

Before you are borne forth

For once you are birthed

You cannot go back

None live twice

You must make your choice

The joy of eternity

Is within grasp

You need only reach out

And take hold of Love

Love is tender

Love is warm

Love is fierce

Love is strong

Take hold of Love

And do not delay

He is Hope

And Joy and Life

There is only one Way

And soon comes The Day

Your birthday is coming

Are you ready to be brought forth?



Zachary M. Cochran

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